Electric vehicles have yet to catch on in Singapore.

Sales of EVs there are basically non-existent, but a report by The Independent suggests that will change soon as Singapore is actually an ideal place for EVs.

Why is Singapore the perfect place for EVs?  The Independent lists these 3 reasons (which we've condenses down to highlight the important points):

1. You Reduce Your “Fuel” Costs by 86%

Let’s say your current petrol-driven car has a 35-liter gas tank and you get about 350km out of it. If you drive 19,000km a year (national average), that’s around 1,900 liters you’re paying for yearly – or about $4,160 per year if you’re buying 98-octane fuel at $2.19 a liter.

But if you have an all-electric car, such as a Nissan Leaf...your yearly “fuel” cost is about $594, or 86% less than petrol!

2. Your Maintenance Costs Will Also Decline

3. Singapore’s Infrastructure and Weather Are Perfect for Electric Cars

Singapore is so small that drivers on average travel only about 30km-50km daily...

Winter Is NOT Coming: Cold weather shrinks… err, an all-electric vehicle’s range. Fortunately for Singapore, winter only exists on television.

The island of Singapore is certainly a place where EVs would thrive.  The hurdle that remains is in convincing the public that the additional upfront costs are well worth it when the EVs reduced cost of ownership is factored in.

2014 is the year when Singapore hopes to break out of its EV sales slump, but unfortunately that may not happen so soon as few automakers are willing to export plug-in there due to lack of consumer demand.

But maybe by 2015 Singapore will join the EV revolution.

Source: The Independent

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