99 Out of 100!!!!!

99 Out of 100!!!!!

Consumer Reports' highest scoring vehicle of all time, the Tesla Model S, has been with the publication for one year now, so it's time for an update.

Consumer Reports has logged over 11,000 miles in the Model S.  Most of those miles have been thoroughly enjoyable.  Consumer Reports says this of the Model S after one year of ownership:

"With a year of Tesla Model S ownership under our belt and 11,380 satisfying miles under its tires, we continue to be impressed, despite a few mild irritations."

Those mild irritations include an average range of 225 miles in non "max range" charging mode, which is the charging mode recommended by Tesla to be used on a daily basis.  Consumer Reports says the 225 miles is 20 miles less than 245 EPA figure.

Other irritations are:

  • Cold weather saps range (true of all EVs)
  • Minor vampire loss of 5 to 10 miles of range while not plugged in for 24 hours
  • Air conditioning that's not up to snuff
But even those mild irritations aren't enough to dampen the Model S' overall appeal.

Consumer Reports closes with this statement:

"After a year with the Model S, everyone at CR who drives this car is still impressed by the quiet glide, instant and irresistible power, serene ride, agile handling, and well-done, ultramodern interior. The short list of shortcomings hasn’t dampened our spirits yet."

Source: Consumer Reports

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