In BMW's continuing series of videos that highlight various aspects of the soon-to-be-available in the US BMW i8, we've encountered videos that highlight LifeDrive, aerodynamics, design and so on.

Now, we get to the heart and soul of the i8: its plug-in hybrid powertrain.

"With this BMW TV series you can get a closer look at the BMW i8. This time you can get more information about the plug-in hybrid."

Some BMW i8 specs to refresh your memory:

  • 231 hp 320 newton meters of torque from 3-cylinder turbo 1.5-liter gas engine
  • 131 hp electric motor
  • 362 hp total
  • AWD when using both electric motor and gas engine
  • Electric-only range of 22 miles
  • US base price $135,700

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