Prior to firmware update 5.8, it's been reported that the 60 kWh version of the Tesla Model S couldn't charge at rates of over 70 kW.

After the update, rates as high as 105 kW have been reported.

YouTube uploader KmanAuto continues to amaze us with his entertaining and informative Model S videos.  This latest one shows a 60 kWh Model S Supercharging at previously unseen rate.

An abbreviated (and slightly edited) version of the video descriptions is as follows:

"Well, proof is in the pudding. With the new 5.8 Firmware, the 60kW Model S can now supercharge at rates above 70kW."

"Now, I have been able to charge at 88 kW in the past in Rockford, however, this is the first time I've been able to exceed that rate. On top of that, a number of people (myself included) have had issues at the new Mauston Supercharger not being able to get above 66ish kW, even on the new firmware and regardless of the battery pack size, weather it be 60 or 85. Well, I arrived in Mauston (barely!!!), and plugged er in. All I can say is, WOW... My car was just getting BLASTED by those Killer-watts!"

"So #1, the 60kW Model S Charging rate tops off at 105kW. And #2, Mauston's charging speed issue appears to be fixed."

Now, tonight, I had the most ideal circumstances possible (in my opinion) for Supercharging a Model S. #1, Pack was already at full operating temps, as I had just driven 150ish miles at 70mph to get their. #2, my pack was dead (0 Rated Miles Remaining), and #3, It was COLD out, 26 degrees, so cooling was in a fairly decent shape. Could have been colder though, but I think I got fairly close to perfect charging conditions."

The rest of what occurred you'll see by watching the 1-plus hour video above.

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