Fleet Evolution

Fleet Evolution

The UK's Fleet Evolution has implemented a program it calls Electric Flex into its fleet package.

Fleet Evolution specializes in fleet vehicles for business use.  Electric Flex allows Fleet Evolution's customers to trade in their fleet EV for ICE for up to 4 weeks throughout the course of one year.

Fleet Evolution says that Electric Flex will allow fleets to more easily make the transition to electric.  We agree.

The idea with Electric Flex is that it eliminates the slight inconvenience of limited range that some fleet owners complain about when it comes to EV.

So, if a fleet determines that it'll need an ICE vehicle here and there for a particular long-distance driving situation, then Fleet Evolution will deliver the ICE in exhancge for the EV.

Fleet Evolution director Andrew Leech states:

“Our new scheme means customer can take an electric car safe in the knowledge there is an alternative car available if they need it. While electric cars are great for the environment and provision for them is improving, they are simply not practical for long distances. This is an issue for our customers when choosing a salary sacrifice car, which is why we have implemented the Electric Flex package. Anyone taking an electric car can have peace of mind, so whether it’s for a week long family holiday or a family emergency, customers can use an alternative car with minimal notice.”

“Some customers still prefer the reliability of a car with a traditional engine.  To overcome this, we are offering electric car customers up to 4 weeks use of a normal car each year, in a bid to get more people driving eco-friendly vehicles. The only reason people would need an alternative car is to drive very long distances, which most people wouldn’t need to do more than 28 days per annum.”

Good idea Fleet Evolution.  Eventually, those fleets will find that EVs likely meet 99% of their needs, but initially the occasional use of ICE is a good way to reduce range anxiety and to encourage fleets to at least give EVs a try since there's a backup plan in place.

As we all know, once you've gone electric there's no going back.

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