All we keep hearing is rave reviews for the Volkswagen e-Up!

Sure, it has serious range restrictions, as do most all EVs without a Tesla badge, but as an urban runabout, the e-Up! may well be at the top of the class...or darn close.

As Tech Radar writes:

"Back in November, we crowned BMW's radical i3 the best electric car in Blighty – or anywhere else in the world, for that matter."

"Just a few months later, that title is already under threat and from a surprising new entrant into the EV market. It's the new Volkswagen e-up!"

Tech Radar isn't surprised by the existence of the e-Up!, but rather by how good it actually is.

"Not surprising in the sense that it exists. We've known the Volkswagen e-up! Was coming for some time. But surprising in the sense that it turns out to be such a compelling proposition."

In this urban EV grouping, the BMW i3 and Renault Zoe need to be tossed into the mix for the sake of comparison.

e-Up! Interior

e-Up! Interior

So, here we end up with 3 urban EVs priced as follows in the UK:

  • Zoe - £15,195 plus battery rental
  • e-Up! - £19,250 
  • i3 - £25,680
Here are a few snippets from the Tech Radar review of the e-Up!

"Crikey, it's quite quick. That's your first thought when spool up the e-up!'s electric motor."

"With the e-up!, you don't know quite know what it's going to be like and so it's a pleasant surprise to find it feels significantly gutsier off the line than a conventional hatchback. "

VW e-Up!

VW e-Up!

"50 miles out of it, even driving like a berk. 60 to 80 miles is probably a realistic expectation for most normal drivers."

And now onto the verdict:

  • It's a properly engineered EV.
  • It's much better to drive than you might expect.
  • The range is more than adequate for its remit.
  • And it looks good inside and out.
  • In fact, in many ways, it's one of the best EVs you can buy.
But is it better than the BMW i3?

"In simple terms, it's not as accomplished or as innovative as the i3. Yes, the i3 is around £5,000 pricer. But then it's so much more advanced, that price premium actually seems cheap."

Source: Tech Radar

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