Palo Alto, California, a city located in the northwest corner of Santa Clara County, got the ball rolling when it passed a mandate requiring all new construction homes to come pre-wired for EV charging stations.

Santa Clara County in California

Santa Clara County in California

Now, the entire county of Santa Clara is following suit and taking it to the next level.

As The Morgan Hill Times reports:

"The County Board of Supervisors approved a Plug In Electric Vehicle Charging System Ordinance, which requires pre-wiring for electric vehicle charging systems in new buildings in the unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County."

"The ordinance applies to new single family residences, multi-family dwellings, and non-residential buildings."

"Under the ordinance, new residential developments are required to pre-wire for Level 2 chargers at the time of construction; new large multi-family buildings and non-residential buildings with more than 100 new parking spaces are required to install Level 2 chargers in at least 1 percent of the parking spaces."

Supervisor Ken Yeager, President of County of Santa Clara Board of Supervisors, told The Morgan Hill Times this:

“Despite their growing popularity and environmental benefits, lack of charging infrastructure remains a barrier for many wanting to purchase an electric vehicle.  This ordinance makes it easier for residents to replace conventional cars with electric vehicles, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in this county.”

It costs next to nothing to pre-wire new construction homes for EV chargers, so there's no objections there.  However, some feel the required install of Level 2 chargers in lots with over 100 spaces may be too costly for small businesses.

Source: The Morgan Hill Times

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