Standard 12 meter BYD Electric Bus

Standard 12 meter BYD Electric Bus

BYD seems to work almost as hard as InsideEVs, even during the holidays.  BYD just announced a new electric bus model at Mobility and Transport 2013 Conference held in Bogota.

Meet the 18 meter (60 foot) articulated all-battery-electric transit bus. It's big.  It's red...and the girls seem to like it.

The doors placed so high sure do look strange though. But this particular prototype was developed for Bogota’s TransMilenio Rapid Transit system and the high floor is needed to match loading platforms, like a subway, to ensure efficient loading protocols. However, BYD ensure us that it can deliver a low floor version. Production should begin next year.

The general concept for the 18 meter BYD is the basically the same as for 12 meter.  The bus has a similar drivetrain with in-wheel motors and a very large BYD's Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with hundreds of kWh. According to press release, in "initial prototype testing in China, the 18 meter BYD articulated bus ran 240 km (150 miles) on a single charge".

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