A 209-mile road trip in the 85-kWh version of the Tesla Model wouldn't seem to be pushing the limits of the 265-mile EPA-rated electric sedan, but when the vast majority of the Brussels to Paris trip is done with cruise control set to 70 mph, range could become an issue, right?

Tesla Club Belgium set out an a Brussels to Paris trip.  The goal was to complete it on a single charge and then to test out IKEA's fast-charge network.

Here's the description that's tied to the video:

"My RoadTrip from Brussels to Paris 336km on a single charge. Driving at 113km/hr in Cruise Control. And using IKEA's Free Fast Chargers in IKEA Zaventem, Belgium and IKEA Roissy Paris Nord, France."

Tesla says the 85-kWh version of the Model S can travel 300 miles on a single charge at 55 miles, but what happens when you crank the speed up to 70 mph?  Watch the video to find out how the Model S' range holds up at typical highway speeds.

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