In an odd twist, the state of Utah is pushing for laws that are both pro and anti-EV.

LEAF in Utah

LEAF in Utah

Lawmakers in Utah have approved a measure that provides EV buyers with a $2,500 tax credit, but a separate bill aims to quadruple the annual registration fee for EVs.

As The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

"HB74 by Rep. Lowry Snow, R-Santa Clara, would create the new tax credit, similar to a tax break already available for other types of clean-fuel vehicles. The House Revenue and Taxation Committee approved it on a 13-0 vote, and sent it to the House."

"Sen. Wayne Harper, R-Taylorsville, said his SB139 would pay for that credit by raising registration fees on clean-fuel vehicles. The Senate Transportation Committee passed it 3-0, and sent it to the full Senate."

So, EV owners will basically pay for the tax credit in a roundabout way.  SB139 had previously shown that the increased registration fees would be put aside for road maintenance.  However, it was later amended to show that the fees would pay for the tax credit.

SB139 calls for the annual registration fee for hybrids to be $138.  The current fee is only $43.  Additionally, the bill "triples registration fees for natural gas vehicles, and quadruples them for total electric vehicles," according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

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