It's no surprise to us that sales have risen ever since Nissan shifted North American LEAF production from Japan to Smyrna, Tennessee.

LEAF Battery Pack Gets Assembled

LEAF Battery Pack Gets Assembled

Nissan responded to rising sales by slowly upping production in Smyrna.  The increased production took months to sort out, but soon Smyrna will be churning out LEAFs at a rate that meets demand.

Nissan manufacturing spokesman Justin Saia states:

“In response to strong demand from the market, we announced plans to increase Leaf production six months ago.  We will continue to evaluate opportunities to scale production to meet market demand.”

How often does a LEAF now roll off the line in Smyrna?  Nissan says one LEAF is completed every 15 minutes and adds that Smyrna is running at full tilt with 3 shifts going now from Sunday evening through Saturday morning.  Of course, it's not just LEAF production that keeps the line rolling, but the other vehicles made there (Maxima, Altima, Nissan Pathfinder and Infiniti QX60) don't plug in, so the production rate of those vehicles isn't newsworthy to us.

1 LEAF every 15 minutes.  Wait an hour and 4 more will roll out the door.

Source: Tennessean

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