The Renault Twizy's

The Renault Twizy's "Go Where You Want" Attitude Appeals To Italian Drivers

Recently, some of the staff at InsideEVs got together and discussed how to make things a little more "festive" around here for the holiday season.

The universal answer?  More obscure plug-in vehicle sales reports from around the world...of course!  And nothing says Christmas more than doing a feature piece highlighting EV sales in Italy.   So Merry Christmas one and all!


In November, the Nissan LEAF continued to be the dominant player in Italy, selling 55 copies - its 2nd highest result of the year.

Although technically, if you consider the Renault Twizy a "full" EV, the little 2 seat city car leads Italy in total sales for 2013 - the only country it still tops the charts in for 2013.

Also of interest, the new entry from BMW (the i3) placed 3rd in sales in its first full month on sale (29 units sold)


Top 5 November Plug-In Vehicle Sales In Italy (Year To Date)

  1. Nissan LEAF --  55 (304)
  2. Volvo V60 Plug-In --  35 (56)
  3. BMW i3 --  29 (33)
  4. Renault Twizy --  20 (361)
  5. smart For Two ED --  17 (146)
Overall there has been about 1,250 sales of vehicles in Italy so far this year with a plug - 3/4 of which have come from the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Source: Green Start, Renault, Volvo, BMW  (hat tip to Romeo D!)

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