Mitsubishi Electric announced a new motor drive system with a built-in silicon-carbide inverter, which - according to the Japanese company - is the the smallest of its kind found anywhere in the world.

Thanks to integration and the use of new materials, Mitsubishi Electric plans to commercialize its EV motor system that will take less space in a vehicle, while offering greater energy efficiency.  Mitsubishi says it first must finalize technologies for motor/inverter cooling and that further downsizing and additional efficiency is being explored.


1)     Downsized motor drive system with integrated all silicon-carbide inverter -    Achieves further system downsizing (14.1L, 60kW) with smaller motor resulting from improved thermal resistance between motor drive system and cooling system. -    Equal to existing EV motors in power and volume, enabling replacement. 2)     Improved motor cooling performance -    Integrates cooling system for motor and inverter thanks to cylindrical shape of power module accommodating parallel cooling ducts for motor and inverter.

-    Ensures stable cooling with even a low-power pump.

In Mitsubishi Electric's opinion, future electrified cars will need smaller drivetrains to offset the size of the battery pack. We know that Tesla Motors uses an integrated motor, controller and single-speed gearbox in one block placed at the rear axle. Such a solution works fine and with future improvements, maybe this sort of setup will become the new standard for EVs.

"Global demand for EVs and hybrid EVs (HEVs) has been growing in recent years, reflecting increasingly strict regulations for fuel efficiency and growing public interest in saving energy resources and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. As EVs and HEVs require relatively large spaces to accommodate their robust battery systems, there is a strong need to reduce the size and weight of motor systems and other equipment to ensure sufficient passenger space."

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