Is Tesla's spark soon to be stolen?

Bloomberg seems to think that there's at least 5 vehicles out there that could steal some of Tesla's spark.

While we agree with Bloomberg on some of its listed vehicles, there are others (Fiat 500e and Toyota FCEV) that simply make no sense in being mentioned in the same sentence with Tesla.

"When you think of a sexy eco-friendly car you probably think of Tesla. Bloomberg found five competitors that are stylish, eco-friendly and cost half the price of a Tesla... but do these cars have what it takes to steal Tesla's spark?"

Sure, the BMW i8 will sway some potential Tesla Model S buyers, but not a Fiat.

What Bloomberg missed was the Model S' only real competitor (in terms of price, performance, badge appeal and, to a lesser extent, its green cred) available to purchase nationwide today: the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid.

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