Students at the adult Desert Rose High School are now learning electric vehicle repair and conversions.

In 5 months, students there were taught by Mel Brooks how to convert an ICE automobile over to electric.

Quoting Brooks:

"The point was to get them interested in alternative energies, in the hybrids, in the electric vehicles, because that's the technology coming, and that's what they are going to have to know.  "They were quite excited. A lot of them that I had, it was the first time they had a wrench in their hand."

What's unique about the program is that Brooks thought up the idea of teaching EVs and the principal of the school helped Brooks implement the program.  There was no grant money involved, as is typically the case in these situations.

As Brooks remarks:

"I was talking about building an electric car with this stuff, and I said, ‘Yes, my students can do it.' So, she went ahead and funded it for us.

The finished EV was more or less an NEV with a top speed of 35 mph.  It's not a street legal vehicle, but it is a fully functioning EV.

Many of the students—who are all adults—are now considering taking college courses in fields related to EVs, so props to Brooks and to Desert Rose High School for getting the ball rolling in that direction.

Source: 8 News Now

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