50 kW Efacec CHAdeMO charger in Chicago

50 kW Efacec CHAdeMO charger in Chicago

CarCharging Group announced that it has installed a Nissan DC fast charger at Simon Property Group’s Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California.

Not a big deal, some would say, but CarCharging Group already had one DC charger there, previously installed by 350Green, a company acquired by CarCharging Group.

So, what happened?  Did someone steal the original unit?

"CarCharging acquired the EV charging stations at the Stanford Shopping Center through its purchase of 350Green earlier this year. However, due to lack of support from the manufacturer of the previous DC Fast charging station at the shopping mall, CarCharging elected to replace the unit with another fast charger."

Ouch.  This previous manufacturer being referred to by CarCharging is Efacec, which was selected by 350Green to deliver hundreds of DC chargers to the U.S. before the company went out of business.

Not many of the planned units were installed, but it will be interesting to see if the ones in Chicago will be swapped out soon too.

Nissan DC fast charger with CHAdeMO plug

Nissan DC fast charger with CHAdeMO plug

We know that CarCharging Group, in cooperation with Nissan, will deploy 48 Nissan-branded quick chargers, primarily in California and on the East Coast.

The new charging point in Palo Alto is free to use, but for a limited time only:

"As a token of appreciation for EV drivers, CarCharging will provide free charging for the Nissan quick charger at the Stanford Shopping Center for a limited time."

Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging stated:

“At CarCharging, we understand how much EV drivers appreciate the opportunity to rapidly recharge their cars and want to accommodate their needs. Given our partnerships with Simon Property Group and Nissan, we are able to provide reliable charging service that EV drivers depend on as well as the opportunity to quickly recharge.”

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