Bosch, GS Yuasa, and Mitsubishi Corporation just formed Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co. KG joint venture, which starts operations in 2014 with the aim for a “giant leap forward in the development of battery technology”.

"The joint venture Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co. KG was set up in November 2013. Bosch holds a 50 percent stake with GS Yuasa International Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation each holding 25 percent."

Doubling the energy density is the task to do before - in Bosch's opinion - EVs go mainstream somewhere in 2020.

Dr. Volkmar Denner, who, as chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, is responsible for research and development, stated:

“In setting up this joint venture, we want to achieve nothing less than a giant leap forward in the development of battery technology. Our aim is to make lithium-ion batteries twice as efficient.”

A Giant leap forward means much greater range (or alternatively the same range with a much smaller and lighter battery pack).

Sadly we don't know any details on how Mitsubishi, GS Yuasa and Bosch will make this giant leap possible. Initially, development will be conducted by a team of some 70 associates in Germany and Japan

Each company will have some tasks to do in its competence:

Bosch will support these joint activities with its entire portfolio of components for electromobility. With its competence in the area of battery packs and battery management systems, Bosch specializes in the monitoring and control of cells and complete systems, as well as in integrating them into vehicles. In addition, it will contribute its know-how in production processes and quality management relating to the large-scale series production of complex products.

GS Yuasa will contribute its many years of experience in manufacturing lithium-ion battery cells whose high density makes for a longer range, as well as its expertise in materials systems and electrochemistry. As an established manufacturer of automotive and non-automotive lithium-ion battery cells, GS Yuasa has a strong engineering team and modern production lines with a high level of automation.

Mitsubishi Corporation will contribute its global sales network and experience as an integrated global business enterprise. In addition, Mitsubishi will use its strengths in the establishment of global value-added chains – which include raw materials, semi-finished products, and marketing – to take the joint venture forward.

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