Nissan LEAF Owner Turns 100,000 Gas-Free Commuting Miles

Nissan LEAF Owner Turns 100,000 Gas-Free Commuting Miles

A few days ago, Nissan LEAF owner Steve Marsh received multiple honors in Washington on the occasion of exceeding 100,000 miles.

In addition to the news, Steve and Nissan prepared some additional video in which the odometer hits 100,000 miles.

Marsh Receives

Marsh Receives "Washingtonian of the Day" Award from Gov. Inslee - Image Credit: David Laura via Facebook

Steve said that compared to previous car he saved over $9,000 since May 2011 commuting over 60 miles each way to work:

"I have saved over $9,000 driving my LEAF compared to my previous car that got 30 miles to the gallon. And I have not had to burn 3,000 gallons of gasoline."

"It was simply to save money. I could see the operating costs were going to be less than a gasoline car."

"I am confident that Nissan's LEAF is a perfect commuter car for those that put serious miles on their car or just need to run around town."

"There is room for a family. It is a perfect car."

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee stated that he has plans to expand the state's electrical corridor to the east and west:

"It is great that Washington State, which has led the world in so many ways, is again leading the world."