Nissan BladeGlider

Nissan BladeGlider

The Nissan BladeGlider Concept may or may not make it into production.  If it doesn't show up on public streets, Nissan wants us to know that we'll be missing out on what's quite possibly the world's best handling vehicle.

As Nissan's motorsports innovation boss Ben Bowlby told Autocar, BladeGlider has the potential to be:

"The nicest handling car you will ever drive. That is what the goal is."

Bowlby says Nissan has driven the BladeGlider on the road and says that if it enters production, it'll likely be priced well below $50,000.  The BladeGlider is at least three years from production though and we suspect some significant changes will be made if/when it moves from concept to production.

As far as the driver experience goes, Bowlby says this:

“It's about efficiency, it's about pulling a lot of G, it's about an exciting and pleasurable ride and yet being very efficient while doing that.  So extreme handling and extreme fun and a whole new experience, a totally different driving experience."

Nissan's engineering chief Andy Palmer had a chance to test out the BladeGlider.  Here's what he stated:

 "I've driven the prototype, and it is unlike anything I have sampled before.

"This is the car that takes advantage of all the packaging benefits of an electric powertrain. All that weight and the set-up of the front racks means that the car is incredibly pointy, but the rear track and downforce mean that you can catch the oversteer with amazing ease.”

Source: Autocar

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