National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the current owner of Saab, is currently making the ICE version of the 9-3.  Production restarted approximately 3 weeks ago.

New 9-3

New 9-3

Eventually (sometime in 2014), NEVS will produce a BEV 9-3.

It's the electric version, not ICE, that NEVS hopes to sell in volume.

Where will that volume be sold?  In China, says NEVS President Matthias Bergman.

As Bergman told Reuters, China's EV market is "nearing a tipping point."  By 2015, Bergman predicts that the "big volumes" for EV sales "will be in China."

Bergman is not saying that China will be big only for NEVS.  He's instead implying that China will be where lots of EVs are sold come 2015.

NEVS Chief Executive Kai Johan Jiang agrees with Bergman, stating:

"Electric cars will be a scarce commodity in China."

If China does warm up to electric vehicles, then global EV sales could truly soar.

Source: Reuters

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