Standard Mia U

Standard Mia U

According to French media, French electric vehicle manufacturer Mia Electric is going to go bankrupt soon.

Production of the funky Mia has reportedly been stopped for months now.

Just 201 units were registered last year in France - much less than the 700-900 anticipated (and previously even projected to be 12,000 a year, which is more than Renault ZOE sales in 2013).

Mia Electric still has 436 cars to be delivered, but without money (~ €900,000) production will not be restarted anytime soon.

In June, Mia Electric had roughly 200 employees. It is hard to say how many employees are still working and what the near future holds for Mia, but with reports of the staff being paid behind schedule, Mia's future looks bleak.

Update:  Mia has now been reported as entering receivership

Source: Le Monde

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