Outlander PHEV

Outlander PHEV

We already know that in the Netherlands, the number of Mitsubishi Outlander registrations amounted to 2,766 units in November. This is official data.

But the number of PHEV versions that we posted at 2,600 units was just an well-educated estimate on our behalf.

Now, Eagle Aid released info confirming that 2,736 of the 2,766 Outlanders sold in the Netherlands in November were plug-ins.

2,736 from 2,766 is over 98.9%!

This is a dream debut month for the Outlander PHEV in the Netherland with not only top spot in the Netherlands, but to the best of our knowledge this is the highest ever single month sales result for a plug-in vehicle in the whole of Europe.

Who will now beat the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV?

Source: Eagle Aid

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