Last Sunday, Tesla Motors quietly launched its Chinese site

Tuosule is the name that Tesla is stuck with using right now in China as some wacko trademarked the Tesla name there with the intention of stealing millions from the automaker if it wished to use its own name.

Regardless of name, Tesla Motors is now accepting reservations for both the Model S and Model X in China.

Deliveries there are expected to formally get underway for the Model S in the first quarter of 2014.

Reservation fees are as follows:

  • Tesla Model S: 250,000 yuan or ~$40,000
  • Tesla Model X: 250,000 yuan or ~$40,000
Tesla's first Chinese showroom is now nearly ready to open.  That showroom is located Parkview Green complex in Beijing.

It's believed that Tesla will eventually get rights to use its own name in China and that the automaker won't have to pay a dime to do so.

Reserve One Today For The Amount Shown

Reserve One Today For The Amount Shown

Check out Tesla's Chinese website by clicking here.

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