BMW has inked a deal with renewable energy specialist Iberdrola SA agreed to push electric vehicle sales in Spain, while at the same time promoting clean energy.

Iberdola is the largest energy producer in all of Spain.  It's being reported that Iberdola will "encourage its customers to choose BMW electric vehicles," says Business Week.  BMW will then encourage i3 owners in Spain to commit to Iberdola's renewable energy program.  i3 owners will be asked to sign an annual deal with Iberdola, which basically amount to i3 drivers buying green energy credits.

Iberdrola's Focus is on Renewable Energy

Iberdrola's Focus is on Renewable Energy

The investment from i3 drivers  in Iberdola will allow the energy company to expand its renewable energy program.

Albert Cheung, an analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, told Business Week this:

“BMW is a newcomer in the EV space so it is clearly keen to sign strategic partners that can help promote its i3 through cross-selling opportunities. Early EV adopters are going to be the same customer types as those that buy green tariffs, so there are synergies there.”

The BMW i3 is expected to launch in Spain in 2104.

Source: Business Week

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