Developer Kevin Maloney of Property Markets Group (PMG) is trying to get creative in selling penthouses at three high-rises in Florida.

Model S a Freebie

Model S a Freebie

Though not advertised publicly, buyers of penthouses at PMG’s Echo Aventura, Echo Brickell and Muse high-rise towers in southern Florida actually get "customized versions of the Model S," reports Forbes.

Ryan Shear, senior managing director for Florida at PMG, stated:

 “We marry them with some of the penthouses.  It’s a very soft sell. The ideal buyer for us buys a Tesla or an electric car and is technologically-savvy.  We’re trying to infuse luxury with technology.”

Forbes describes how the deal work as follows:

"Basically, the cars are a deal-sweetener to buyers who make clean, generous offers. They’re not as likely to be on the table for those who prefer to nickel-and-dime. MSRP for the Model S: $69,000. Starting prices for the penthouses (yes, there are multiple at each tower) at Echo Aventura are $3 to $3.5 million; at Echo Brickell $10 to $11 million and at Muse $13 and $15 million."

None of the high-rise towers are complete.  Echo Aventura is the only one to have broke ground yet.  Once all three projects are complete, 32 penthouses will have been constructed.  PMG has put in deposits for 25 to 30 Tesla Model S EVs.  All the high-rise towers will be fitted with Tesla-specific chargers.

Source: Forbes

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