Now this is the kind of ad we have yet to see from GM - or from any automaker really.

It could almost be the anthem to the hard working, affluent class in America.

Actor Neal McDonough (unashamedly) walks us through:

"Other countries, they work, they stroll home.  They stop by the café.  They take August off. (Pause to look at camera and break fourth wall) OFF.   Why aren't you like that?  Why aren't we like that?  Because we are crazy driven, hard working believers - that's why.  Those other countries think we are nuts.  Whatever.  Were the Wright brothers insane...."   - you get the idea

We come away with a couple distinct impressions after watching the video.

  • Good or bad, GM has left their comfort zone...and done so to market the Cadillac ELR.  Who knew?
  • The Cadillac ELR is definitely not going to be sold in Europe
  • The upper middle class in America maybe that guy you hate next door that always has nice stuff and lets you know about it

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