Fee-free public charging stations are quickly becoming less common.

Better Be Prepared t Pay $1.50 Per Hour to Charge

Better Be Prepared t Pay $1.50 Per Hour to Charge

Charging shoulnd't necessarily be free, but what's the right rate?

In Naperville, Illinois, the rate is now set at $1.50 per hour of charging.

Naperville residents (at least those who own plug-in vehicles) aren't exactly thrilled with this price.  Naperville city council had been discussing a fee of $0.75 per hour, which was deemed to be an acceptable rate by EV owners in the area.  However, the city council voted for a last-minute change to $1.50 per hour, then council passed that into law with an 8-0 vote.

As Naperville Patch reports:

"Councilors said during Tuesday's meeting the 75 cents fee was too low and the $1.50 amount would sway "squatters" from utilizing the parking spots for too long and also said seemed fair since electric vehicle users do not have to pay a road use tax like other motorists who utilize gas-fueled cars."

Prior to the $1.50 per hour charge, use of public chargers in Naperville had been free for an entire year.  Naperville is now in the process of adding more public chargers.

According to Naperville Patch, the following rules apply to the city's charging spaces:

  • A three-hour parking restriction is in place while the vehicle is charging
  • All electric vehicles in the space must be plugged in and charging
  • The parking space is for electric vehicle use only, all other vehicles will be towed.
But is $1.50 per hour too much to charge?

Source: Naperville Patch

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