Quick charger in Charge Your Car Network

Quick charger in Charge Your Car Network

Charge Your Car (CYC) launched in 2010 in the North East area of England.  CYC has now announced that its open network of recharging points in the UK reached the milestone of 100,000 charging sessions on 4th February 2014. In four years, CYC supplied 549,399 kWh of electricity.

The CYC network currently has 230 post owners and 1,535 charging points (standard and quick) managed by CYC with 1,637 registered users.

The model of the CYC network is similar to ChargePoint, but on a much smaller scale (ChargePoint has now a few million charging sessions). Charge point owners in the CYC network can set the tariff for their charge points and Charge Your Car collects and returns the revenues to them or, alternatively, the charge points can be setfree-to-use.

To use all charging points in the CYC network there is a need to have a CYC Lifetime Card, which is also accepted on the Ecotricity Network.  Access is also permitted with a BMW Drive Now card.

"The CYC system, built on open source software, is also the first pay-as-you-go service available to EV owners and brings together drivers, charge point owners, public sector organisations and charge point manufacturers in a network accessible to all, which is monitored 24 hours, seven days a week."

"CYC offers charge post owners a full billing service; revenue is collected from drivers via the pay-by-phone system, by account linked to the RFID card and with the CYC App. The Charge Your Car app introduced in 2013 makes it easier than ever for both drivers and charge point operators. Drivers can charge a car as soon as the app is downloaded.  Features include a search facility, a live map that shows the current status of all charge points across the network and the ability to start/stop a session using the app."

Charge Your Car started as regional recharging network in the North East region of England and now is being expanded into a national network.

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