Another Executive Change When It Comes To The Nissan LEAF In The US

Another Executive Change When It Comes To The Nissan LEAF In The US

Nissan has announced a leadership change when it comes to their of Director of Electric Vehicle (EV) Sales and Marketing in the US.

After only 10 months of looking after the promotion of the LEAF, Erik Gottfried has be relocated as Nissan's new "Director of Customer Quality and Dealer Network Development," while Toby Perry has taken over the reigns leading the EV charge for Nissan.

"With Toby's nearly 20 years at Nissan, the breadth of industry knowledge he brings to this role will be invaluable as we aim to increase visibility of LEAF in new markets," said Fred Diaz, senior vice president, Nissan Sales & Marketing, Parts & Service, U.S.A. "As the conversation around EVs evolves and Nissan LEAF sales continue to accelerate, we'll rely on his well-rounded experience to keep the momentum going."

What exactly does this move mean?  Was Nissan unhappy with Erik's job as the LEAF was underbuilt in Smyrna, TN for basically his entire stay as the LEAF sales lead?  It is hard to say.

What we do know is that Nissan just put out a questionnaire to judge the reaction to a 150 mile range LEAF (that story here), and what the consumer might pay for that option.

It makes sense that this new sense of direction to get customer input has come from Mr. Perry, as has been put in charge of the program just in time to coordinate the next generation of electric offerings from Nissan in America.

We spoke to a Nissan representative about the changes and Mr. Perry's role in the company (no relation to former executive in charge of the LEAF's initial roll-out Mark Perry), and they said he will report to Billy Hayes, VP of Global Sales for the LEAF and Dan Mohnke, who was also just named  Chief Marketing Manager and Marketing Operations.

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