Don't ICE an Electric Vehicle...Just Don't Do It

Don't ICE an Electric Vehicle...Just Don't Do It

Over in Boulder, Colorado, there's a push underway to make it illegal for ICE to park in EV charging spots.

This may seem like it should be law everywhere, but the truth of the matter is that most cities/states still don't have legislation saying it's illegal for ICE to block EV charging spots.

The problem that if it's not law, then some ICE drivers will continue to do as they please, despite signage saying those spots are reserved for electric vehicles.

As 9 News writes:

"The Boulder Daily Camera reports the Boulder City Council is considering an ordinance that would make it a violation with a $20 fine to ignore those signs."

"It also would require that electric vehicles parked at the spots actually be charging."

$20 is minimal, but it should be enough to get the point across.

Our hope is that soon as cities/states will have similar laws on the books.

Source: 9 News

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