BASF has inaugurated its Research and Development Laboratory and Application Technology Center for Battery Materials in Amagasaki, Japan.

Hope I Don't Spill

Hope I Don't Spill

The facility becomes BASF’s "first combined battery materials research and development (R&D) and application technology operation in Asia Pacific."

Dr. Peter Schuhmacher, President Process Research and Chemical Engineering at BASF, stated:

“The new Amagasaki Battery Materials Lab will enable us to extend our successful R&D network with research institutes and the battery manufacturing industry into Japan.  The addition of Amagasaki to this global network demonstrates our ongoing commitment to advancing the battery materials industry.”

Here's what the facility in Japan will focus on:

The Amagasaki laboratory will focus on developing electrolytes and electrode materials for high-performance lithium ion batteries as part of BASF’s global R&D network, leveraging technology platforms from around the world. In addition, the Amagasaki laboratory will run development programs jointly with Japanese customers. This will allow BASF to serve customer’s needs in Japan more quickly.

Dr. Joerg-Christian Steck, Representative Director & President of BASF Japan, stated:

“Japan is a leader in battery manufacturing and development. Amagasaki, in the Kansai area, is the ideal location for the new battery materials laboratory. Our R&D presence in Japan brings us closer to our customers, enabling us to better serve their needs.”

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