Selectable Answers Range From $0 to $50

Selectable Answers Range From $0 to $50

As a follow-up to our 150-mile Nissan LEAF survey question post, we present this question from the same survey:

"How much do you expect to pay (in dollars) for a public charging station that takes 29 minutes to gain 80% charge?"

As Nissan notes, we should assume that the vehicle being charged is a "Nissan LEAF with an average range of 150 miles EPA."

The selectable answers for Nissan's quick-charge question range from $0 to $50.

Again, this survey question doesn't guarantee that a 150-mile Nissan LEAF is coming, but we're fairly certain that work is already underway on such a vehicle.

So, what would you pay to quick charge it?  And when do you think the 150-mile Nissan LEAF will launch?

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