Manhart Racing has revealed a rendered image of what it'll likely offer in terms of exterior modifications for the BMW i8.

Manhart joins Lumma Design as the first two tuners we've heard of to take a shot at improving/altering the i8.

Surely, more tuners will follow as the i8 actually ends up in the hands of owners, but for now there are just a few parties interested in tweaking the i8.

As GT Spirit says:

"Manhart Racing’s proposals are coloured black with green accents. The car sits lower and on a set of Manhart Racing wheels. The design doesn’t gain anything further so the changes are limited to just the colour, wheels and lowering."

It's unlikely that tuners will rip into the BMW i8's mechanicals though.  Instead, we'll likely just see more tuning houses render out some exterior tweaks, lowered suspension setups and such as the release of the i8 draws near.

Source: GT Spirit

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