Pepsi has teamed up with Filipino-owned e-trike manufacturer/assembler EMotors to "promote the use of clean, green, zero-emission electric vehicles."

The idea is that Pepsi will use e-trikes to deliver beverages in some areas of the Philippines.

“Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines is pleased to partner with EMotors in integrating zero-emission vehicles in our distribution fleet. This will enable us to deliver our world-class products to even more communities with minimum environmental impact.”

Says Pepsi Philippines President Partho Chakrabarti.

With this hook up, Pepsi will become the first multinational beverage company to incorporate electric vehicles into daily operations.

EMotors will provide Pepsi with low-speed ZUM e-trikes.

There's no word at this time in regards to how many ZUM e-trikes Pepsi will use in the Philippines.

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