B-Class Electric Drive is Powered by Tesla

B-Class Electric Drive is Powered by Tesla

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche says that the German automaker is looking to expand upon several cooperative agreements it currently has in place with various automakers.

According to Zetsche, Daimler is looking to broaden its cooperative work with Renault-Nissan, though there's no mention of this deal ever resulting in a plug-in vehicle.  So, let's move on to Daimler-Tesla.

Zetsche is quoted by Automotive News as saying:

"Their project leader was a former member of our team, so we have a lot of very good links, a very constructive good relationship, which certainly has room for further expansion."

We think Daimler's working relationship with Tesla will continue to expand, especially if the B-Class Electric Drive sells well when it launches in the US.

Despite false reports stating otherwise, the currently available Smart Fortwo Electric Drive does not use Tesla components.  However, it seems likely that the next-gen Smart ED will turn to Tesla, as Daimler is in the process of closing down/selling off/unloading the two EV-related divisions responsible for the current powertrain found in today's Smart ED.

Source: Automotive News

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