BMW i3

BMW i3

According to latest eagleAID report, BMW’'s i3 and VW'’s e-Yp! drifted almost unnoticed into German showrooms.

We at InsideEVs noticed that number of registrations for EVs were low in December, despite both of these new models hitting the market.

"December’s widely expected electric car registration rush was notable mainly for its absence, thanks to a markedly lower than expected splash from BMW’s all-new i3 and VW’s equally new e-up."

Says eagleAID.

eagleAID counted 462 electric cars registered in Germany last month. Including only 90 BMW i3s.

"Volkswagen’s all-electric e-up, which also made its German domestic dealer debut in November, appears to have slipped almost unnoticed into Volkswagen’s German dealerships."


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