The UK's first all-electric car-sharing service opened up shop this week in East London.

The Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe

Intended to serve both corporate clients and the local community, the E-Car Club went live with 2 Renault Zoe's and 2 Renault Fluence ZE's. (For those not too familiar with these 2 vehicles, the Zoe is about 10 inches shorter than a Nissan LEAF, and the Fluence ZE around 10 inches longer.)

After a one-time membership fee of £50 ($81 US), users can access vehicles 24/7 for £4.50-£7.50 ($7.28 to $12.13 US) per hour, including insurance, congestion charge, maintenance, and "fuel".

According to co-founder Christopher Morris:

“Our mission is a simple, if ambitious, one. We want to improve mobility on a local level whilst simultaneously reducing both the cost and environmental impact of each journey take.”

The UK's Minister of State for Transport, Baroness Susan Kramer, was on hand to lend her support to the enterprise. Colorful London Mayor Boris Johnson was also supportive of the project, saying:

“This highly innovative first for London directly contributes to the delivery of many of my priorities: improving London’s air quality and quality of life, London being the electric vehicle capital of Europe, and enabling Londoners to access new jobs and opportunities.”

The E-Car Club intends to expand to a number of locations around southeastern England through 2014.

Source: GCW, E-Car Club

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