Japan's Terra Motors, makers of electric trikes, scooters and tuk tuks, will try to sell its newly unveiled Kiwami electric motorcycle in India.

2014 Zero S

2014 Zero S

The Kiwami motorcycle may look familiar, as its a Zero S underneath.

Terra Motors has no rights to use the Zero S underpinnings, so naturally Zero Motorcycles issued a cease-and-desist order.

We'll see how that plays out, but in the meantime here are the specs on the Kiwami electric motorbike:

  • 10 kW (13 hp) electric motor
  • Top speed is 160 km/hour (99 mph)
  • Requires 6 hours for a full rechargeĀ 
  • Range of up to 200 kilometers (124 miles)
  • PriceĀ  is around Rs. 18 Lakh (US$29,000)
Terra Motors hope to sell the Kiwami motorcycle in India starting later this year, but we're thinking Zero Motorcycles will look to delay or cancel those plans due to some stealing-of-technology issues.

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