It's being reported that China is almost set to finalize its green-energy subsidy program for 2014.

According to TechWeb, much of the focus centers around Beijing and its annual allotment of license plates.  Due to massive congestion and smog within Beijing, the city awards (by lottery) only 40,000 new vehicle registrations per year.  Beijing has decided to set aside fully 20,000 of those for pure electric vehicles, but only 10,000 for consumers (the remaining 10,000 goes to the commercial/fleet industry, we presume).

Of course, this will drive up EV sales, as some residents of Beijing will see buying EVs as the only way to get on the road this year.

Additionally, Beijing has reportedly set its purchase incentives for EVs at ~$17,000 per vehicle.  It's worth pointing out that China has never extended these subsidies to include EVs built outside of Chinese borders.  The guidelines for 2014 follow this practice of limiting subsidies to only domestically built EVs.

Source: TechWeb

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