On the extremely interesting blog My E-Life Now !, we find out that charging the Nissan LEAF at Autolib charging points isn't an easy task.

This is due to position of the charging inlet, charging point and cable length. Every spot has it's own charging terminal, so you shouldn't plug into the terminal designated for the other spot.

"Guess what, the J1772 Yazaki charge cable is too short to go all the way to the front of the LEAF to access the charge port .... bummer!"

"I actually knew this already - but here is a picture with my son showing the maximum length ..."

"As you probably know, the charge port on a BlueCar is located at the rear of the car to the right, next to the charge station lid."

Christophe Hubert from My E-Life Now! has finally found an afordable soulution - an extension cord plugged into a regular outlet (although power is then limited).

Sadly, someone unplugged him.

It's possible to charge if you have extension

It's possible to charge if you have extension

"Strange thing: Somebody unplugged us while we were shopping ... Not very cool ... It is the first time we are unplugged in two years of using public charging stations "

It's not easy to be green...

We recommend you check out the My E-Life Now! blog by following this link.



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