Could the Next-Gen LEAF Get 150 Miles of Range?

Could the Next-Gen LEAF Get 150 Miles of Range?

If Nissan were to ask you the following:

"How much of a premium would you pay for a 150-mile EPA-rated LEAF?"

What would your answer be?

Before providing an answer, let's go backwards a bit.  The 2014 Nissan LEAF is priced as follows:

  •  S from $28,980
  • SV from $32,000
  • SL from $35,020 
Let's assume that Nissan is asking the question based on those prices.

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

So, let's say you wanted a 150-mile EPA-rated Nissan LEAF SL?  What would you be willing to pay for it? $40,000?  $45,000?

Or perhaps you want the stripped down S, but with 150 miles of range.  What's that worth to you? $35,000?

As it turns out, Nissan is asking the exact question we presented above.

In preparation for the launch of the next-gen (let's say 2016 Model Year for now) Nissan LEAF, the automaker is trying to get a feel for the following:

  1. What's the level of demand for a 150-mile version of the LEAF?
  2. What's the right price premium to set on a 150-mile LEAF?
  3. Should we do 2 versions of the LEAF differentiated only by range or should the 150-mile version be the only one offered?

Here's the real shocker...

When Nissan posed the "price premium" question to current LEAF owners, the highest amount listed by Nissan was...only $5,000.  Zing!!!

So, the real question is, would you be willing to pay $5,000 or less to jump from an 84-mile LEAF to one that's rated by the EPA at 150 miles?  Do we even have to ask?

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