BMW claims to have a backlog for at last 11,000 orders for the i3 under its belt, which will be fulfilled perhaps by the middle of the year as Germany manufacturer slowly ramps up production.

On the other hand, the BMW i8 raises excitement around the world and is likely viewed as a success too.

But all of this is still not enough to encourage the BMW Group to invest more to bring a third i-model to the market.

According to Automotive News, Harald Krueger, BMW's production chief, stated:

"We need to see how demand for the cars develops."

BMW invested ~ €2 billion ($2.7 billion) in plug-in vehicles and in the Automotive News article this is referred to as a "gamble on the green vehicles".

If sales are high enough to justify more investment, BMW is ready with trademarks for other models up to i9.

For now, the 6-month waiting time and 11,000 orders probably mean that 20,000 i3s could be sold globally in the first full year.

Source: Automotive News

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