Honda MC-β

Honda MC-β

Honda has officially begun a joint EV project with Miyakojima City, Japan and Toshiba Corporation to explore the potential of using a photovoltaic power source for electric vehicles like its MC-β.

The tests are part of the Miyakojima City Small-sized Electromotive Mobility Project in which partners aim to propose usage models for micro-sized EVs in the environment of a remote island.

"Through this experimental program, Honda will operate an environmentally-responsible micro-sized EV using renewable energy, and work together with the local community to explore the possibility of a CO2-free society."

"In November 2013, Honda began separate field tests jointly conducted with Kumamoto Prefecture, Saitama City and Miyakojima City using the MC-β. For the field tests in Miyakojima City, as a part of the initiative as an environmentally-responsible model city, the feasibility of the introduction and utilization of small-sized electromotive mobility products and electricity supply facilities are being verified."

For the project, Toshiba built three new PV recharging stations.

"The test will explore the potential usage patterns and needs of small-sized mobility products in a mobility environment unique to remote islands, where the travel distance is short and energy resources for mobility such as gasoline are procured from off the island."

Mr. Takeo Kiuchi, Senior Researcher of Honda R&D Co., Ltd. commented:

"This experiment that verifies the potential of a CO2-free society represents the very activities Honda is pursuing in the effort to realize ‘the joy and freedom of mobility' and ‘a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.' I expect that this initiative will serve as a trigger for people to reconsider the value of this wonderful natural environment of Miyakojima Island for generation after generation."

Combining solar with EVs sounds great, but how long it will take to introduce affordable solutions with energy storage for overnight needs?

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