Some people are saying that wireless charging is the future for electric vehicle. Well, is it really?

We've recently observe price drops for conductive charging to below $600 for EVSEs with power of over 7 kW, which is useful for vehicles with higher-power 6.6 kW on-board chargers. Of course, some additional costs need to be added in for installation.

On the other side, we have wireless charging with the first product introduced on the market. The cost is ~$3000 (and varies depending on vehicle - Nissan LEAF or Chevy Volt). But power is just 3.3 kW with efficiency below 90% before it even is sent into on-board charger.

The question is, who will buy a device that is 5 times more expensive with half the power (and twice the charging time) and over 10% more losses on an energy bill?

And with wireless charging, you can't share your terminal with friends or family members who may come to visit you unless their EVs are set of for it.

Is the desire to eliminate the plug worth a few thousand extra bucks and all the related hassle?

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