Frolicking in the snow in a Tesla Model S in an empty parking lot is surely fun.

With some slick white powder covering the asphalt, some sideways action is sure to come, especially when the traction control is set to off.

As you'll see in the video, there's a huge difference in the behavior of the Model S when traction is on versus when it's off.

Here's the video description:

"Testing the Tesla Model S's Traction Control Systems in the snow/slick roads. (not trying to do anything special. If I wanted to do donuts, I would do donuts. Just playing around with TC. You can REALLY tell the difference. Every time you see my tires spin, no TC. I can floor it with TC on and the tires will not spin! AMAZING Traction Control, INSTANT RESPONSE!"

On public snow-covered roads, traction control should always be left on, but when there's not a sole in sight, some experimenting with a vehicle's non-aided abilities is a hoot, too.

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