These tales continue to come out of the UK.  In fact, they're getting so common now that we have to pick and choose which ones we cover.

Here's One Being Used

Here's One Being Used

"Tales" in this case refers to public chargers that go unused...sometimes for months.

As the Daily Mail reports, figures released under a Freedom of Information request reveal that of the 1,392 public chargers installed in London, only 349 were used between July and September of 2013.

The problem with that, as the Daily Mail reports, is that the chargers were largely funded by government money.

Per the Daily Mail:

"Installed at a cost of £8.3 million, 75 per cent failed to attract a single driver..."

"There are 8,600 publicly funded charging points across the UK, but only 16,546 electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles registered in the country."

"The Government has invested £16 million on electric car infrastructure in Britain."

So, the charging network is there, but it's being under-utilized at the moment.  That's okay with us.  As EVs hit the roads in even greater numbers, those chargers will get used (provided that the rate to charge is reasonable).  Or, to look at it in a different way, London is set today for the EV wave that's coming in the future.

Source: Daily Mail

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