BMW USA has put out a video it calls "The first-ever BMW i3 Hot Lap," and much like you would expect to see as you watch, it is basically the BMW i3 on the track, doing its thing.

The video shows the BMW racing around the track, dodging traffic cones, being sporty and what not - all to a catchy tune...then BMW cans the music to let you experience the day at the track in silence.

We have to say, given that Tesla does not do any mainstream marketing itself, this advertising spot is one of the first national product placement videos for an all-electric car that doesn't feature anything about being green, plugging in, or saving money or any wildlife.

And while there is nothing wrong with promoting any of those worthy's a little refreshing to also just see a car being a car.

Hat tip to Tom Moloughney and the BMW i3 Facebook group (which is a swell place to hang out btw if you are into the BMW i3)

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