Steve Marsh from Washington state recently hit 100,000 miles in his Nissan LEAF after 31 months of intense use.

LEAF Battery Pack

LEAF Battery Pack

Of course, this is well over the 3,000 miles per month, which is stunning when you consider that the LEAF's range doesn't allow for that sort of travel without charging more than once per day.

But what's happening to Marsh's battery pack?  Is it still alive and well?

The answer seems to be yes, but of course there's significant capacity fade.

According to Marsh, 2 capacity bars were lost, so we can assume that capacity is at least 21% lower (perhaps even more) than when the LEAF was new.

We believe that this is the highest mileage for a LEAF in U.S. and one of the best results mileage vs. capacity drop for any LEAF.  But still, the capacity loss is substantial enough to force Steve to look for a battery pack replacement.

Hopefully, more details will appears soon and if you want celebrate together with LEAF mileage record-holder, then here is an event info via

"will be a gathering at the Tumwater DCFC 9 AM this coming Monday the 16th to honor Steve Marsh hitting 100 G's on his LEAF. WSDOT and Nissan will be there."

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