CNET on Cars recently reviewed the BMW i3 and it was this line that caught our attention:

"BMW i3 gives the Nissan LEAF a German accent."

This may well be the first time that the BMW i3 was compared in any way, shape or form to the Nissan LEAF, but we doubt it'll be the last.

While the i3 certainly outperforms the Nissan LEAF, BMW's electric vehicle isn't an extraordinary performance machine like the Tesla Model S, nor is it a long-haul road-tripped like the Chevy Volt.

The i3 sits in a unique place occupied by no other electric available in the US today.

It beats the low-range EVs in performance, yet falls short in versatility (only 4 seats and limited cargo area).

Why do we think the LEAF comparison will pop up more and more?  The exterior design of the two vehicles is so quirky that they both have that look-at-me, polarizing appearance.  We think it's in this regard that the LEAF / i3 comparisons will become common.

Back on topic, this CNET on Cars review is professionally done and well executed.  If it weren't for how well it's put together, it wouldn't appear on these pages, as we've all by now seen dozens of i3 reviews.

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