In 2012, a total of 55 hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles were sold in Costa Rica, compared to some 24,000 ICE.  55 units sold set a record for Costa Rica (only 200 hybrid/EVs have been sold there since 2008), so why'd BYD launch its plug-in hybrid Qin there in November?

CambYoCar Model

CambYoCar Model

Honestly, it seems odd to us that BYD would have any interest in selling passenger EVs in Costa Rica, but perhaps the Chinese automaker expects a plug-in boom to occur sometime soon there.

Few automakers show even the slightest hint of interest in selling plug-ins in Costa Rica, so we have to assume that BYD is hoping to get a jump on the competition.

The BYD Qin is perhaps the best plug-in ever made by BYD, so it's a good choice for entry into the Costa Rican market. The Qin is already hot in China, with some 2,000-plus orders in the books, but we don't expect BYD to see even close to the level of success with the Qin in Costa Rica.

The Qin will likely meet fierce competition in the form of the CambYoCar, a plug-in concept designed and developed in Costa Rica.  Obviously the CambYoCar is no match for the Qin, as it's still years away from production and only exists as a "toy" model right now.  We just had to mention it though, as the CambYoCar is what Costa Ricans see as the perfect low-cost city EV.  The Qin, on the other hand, is a decent-looking midsize sedan, but we're guessing it'll be priced way beyond the reach of most Costa Ricans.

Source: Costa Rica Star

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